Wine Investment

Demand for fine wine has increased enormously in recent years and the very finest wines are often produced in very limited quantities , such a simple statement lies behind the appeal of fine wines as part of a diversified investment portfolio .A basic demand and supply curve when coupled with the ability for fine wine to age gracefully and become more and more desirable over time explains the superb gains that many fine wines have enjoyed over recent decades .Now , let’s get the disclaimer out of the way , we are not formally qualified investment advisors and Wickens & Co do not offer investment advice .

However we are professional wine merchants who spend our lives buying and selling fine wines and so we are delighted to offer our humble advice as to which wines we feel are well positioned to improve and become more sought after as time goes by , hence providing the possibility of increased valuations .There is no minimum investment amount however we advise that you should consider selecting only the finest wines for your cellar as this will minimize the number of cases you hold whilst maximizing the value of each case , thus reducing cellaring costs and ensuring a ready market for your wines when you come to sell .

Fine wines need time to increase in value so please do consider fine wines to be a medium to long term hold and don’t purchase fine wines to a value of more than 10% of your total investment portfolio as some time may be required when selling becomes necessary .Wickens & Co will assist in selling your fine wines for you when the time comes .Each investor client will receive a log-in to our free , independent , real-time , valuation by Liv-Ex which offers the perfect way to monitor your fine wine holdings .

Wickens & Co do not charge any management fees , there is only the market price you pay us when purchasing wines and then an annual cellaring and insurance fee (pls contact us for current cellaring and insurance fees ) Ensuring the provenance of each case and checking that it is in excellent condition , with original cases is vital .

You should purchase fine wines only from reputable fine wine merchants such as Wickens & Co .
Please contact us for a free consultation at your convenience .
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