Wine Tasting (Posted on 9 August 2013)

A small group of wine lovers spent Wednesday evening enjoying a rather eclectic range of fine wines Chez Wickens & Co . Kicking off with the fabulous 1996 Dom Perignon, one of their best ever and now approaching full maturity but clearly with a couple of decades left of prime drinking.

This was the regular release rather than the Oenotheque release which I have repeatedly found to be fresher but less “golden and luscious”, for my money the Oenotheque isn’t worth the 25% premium that is commands in the market. Moving swiftly on to the wine I was anticipating the most and I wasn’t disappointed , Lynch Bages 1982 in lovely condition and showing real class.

I have been enjoying this wine for over a decade now and it remains a classic claret from the old school with a further 5- 10 years of delight ahead if there’s any left out there.

Building up a head of steam now the Aussie amongst us raided our wine fridge and came away with a bottle of the special project Penfold’s Bin 60a 2004 which I would say stole the night quite conclusively. This Cabernet ShiraZ blend is only just hinting at the wine this will become , we were nonetheless entranced and saw it develop in the glass into a monster with breeding. Is the 60a worth almost twice what a bottle of Grange costs ? In my humble opinion yes it is and I shall be stocking up before the rest of the wine world realizes what the Penfold’s team have produced here, a masterpiece built for the long run.

With our palates now thoroughly spoilt and covered in liquorishy black fruit from the 60a we were drawing to a close but time was made for the surprise of the night as a bottle of Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle 2003 proved perfectly capable of standing up to the Penfold’s. Another successful tasting at Wickens & Co – do please let me know if you’d like to arrange a similar get together or if you have experiences of the above wines.